Support the school with a monthly donation via Direct Debit

This year we are raising funds to redecorate the school hall to provide a more pleasant environment for the children to eat, play and entertain their special guests.


Make a monthly donation



Payments will be taken via direct debit from your bank account using our secure payment system GoCardless. This costs us 1% of your donation which is significantly lower than alternative payment providers.

If you are eligible for Gift Aid, your donation can go further so we will follow up with a request for your address.


Can you claim Gift Aid on my donation?

Yes we will contact you separately with the option to sign up for Gift Aid once your donation is set up.

Is it safe?

Yes. Payments are handled by GoCardless and stored on their secure database. All client-server communication is 256-bit SSL encrypted. (The banking system requires just 128-bit.) 

Payments are also covered by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

Can I pay using a credit card?

No GoCardless is a Direct Debit payment system that takes money via direct debit from your bank account.